Episode 6

How to Prepare Your House for Sale (A Comprehensive Guide)

So you've made up your mind to sell your house but are worried about the dos and don'ts involved in making it sale-ready? Today's episode offers a comprehensive guide to preparing your house for a dream sale!

Use this episode as a checklist to remind yourself of the most important things to take care of before putting it on the market. What should you repair? Is painting necessary? How do you get mentally prepped?

Key Takeaways:

  • Clean everything, even the pet hair that might be flying around. And make sure your house smells good. It's super important!
  • Have a pet sitter when you're having your showings. Or bring them on a walk!
  • Declutter – get rid of everything unwanted and make your house look welcoming.
  • If you've got things you wouldn't want to sell along with the house, like fixtures, or a special chandelier, make sure to take them away before you take the photos.
  • Think about whether you're downsizing your house. Decide what you'll do with the furniture.
  • Make sure to repair every small flaw in your house, including anything that has been bugging you over the years.
  • Have damaged or fogged windows? Repair them and/or have them cleaned.
  • If you're removing items from the walls, patch up the holes left from those and paint over them to make sure all those walls look nice and clean.
  • Make sure to use lighter/neutral paint for your house to make it look bigger.
  • Clean up all the rooms and backyards. Hire a professional stager if you'd like to make your house look the best for sale.
  • Price your house just right – not over or under the market price. Do your research before you set this number.
  • Don't be there during the showings; allow the buyers to come in and explore the property themselves. Let them get the feel of the property.
  • Make your house as open to showings as possible.

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