Episode 10

Top 3 Things When Selling Your House - Pricing, Preparation, & Promotion

Ever heard of the three crucial Ps to selling your house? That’s Pricing, Preparation, and Promotion – the three things that lay the foundation for a successful home sale. Let’s get into the details of it today!

While preparing your house for sale is a huge challenge by itself, pricing according to the current market conditions and marketing it well to reach the right buyers isn’t any less important. Have a look at the various aspects that go into the three Ps!

Key Takeaways:

  • The decluttering part of the house sale process is huge. Get rid of the things you don’t want in the house.
  • Use neutrals – neutral flooring, neutral painting, etc. Make sure your house isn’t just designed to suit your taste but appears welcoming to most people. If necessary, hire a colorist for their opinion on making your house look aesthetically convincing to buyers.
  • Look at the market when deciding the sale price and potential time to sell. 
  • Don’t overprice or underprice your house. If you’re trying to go with aspirational pricing, keep in mind that you might need to make big price reductions in the future, and all the changes in pricing will be seen on all the sites (Zillow, Redfin, etc)
  • Research the sites where you want to market your house. One of the biggest marketing tools is the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. There are also other sites like Zillow, Redfin, and Compass.
  • Professional photography and videography are essential parts of promotion.

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