Episode 17

What Are the Cost of Selling a Home (and How To Minimize)

Commissions, preparation, escrow, title, pre-inspection…after all is said and done how much does it cost to sell a house? Having an idea of all the costs involved will help you figure out what you’ll end up walking away with after the sale.

Are all of these factors costs or are some investments? One important factor is hiring an awesome agent. Not only does a great agent's experience help in making the sale faster and for more money, but their contacts, connections, and resources will help you make more informed decisions about the different aspects of the selling process and ultimately put more money in your pocket.

Do not miss out on this important conversation!

Here are a few of the many questions you’ll find answers for:

  • Is hiring an agent a cost or an investment? Remember, an agent’s fee depends on the different services they offer. So make a note of it before deciding to hire someone.
  • Why termite pre-inspection is easy and recommended, especially in Southern California.
  • How to prepare your home before you get into escrow? What are the different costs involved in it?
  • What are closing costs? How are they calculated?
  • How and why should you determine your moving costs ahead of time?
  • Bonus: How can you minimize some of these costs and get the best bang for your buck?


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