Episode 13

How Long Will It Take to Sell Your House (From Start to Finish)

The current market is the most important thing when it comes to knowing how long it will take to sell your house. In today’s episode, Chris, Cassidy, and Loren explain how to assess the market conditions, prepare your house for sale, and price it according to the state of the market it’s located in. Get to know the average time it takes to sell in specific locations and make an estimate of how long it would take for you to sell your house.

Points to look out for:

  • How long will it take to sell your house? It all depends on the market conditions.
  • Some things to look out for when figuring out how long it would take to sell your house: How well did you prepare the property? How good are the pictures? How’s the marketing looking?
  • What is escrow time?
  • What’s the ballpark timeline for someone looking to sell their house?
  • Some of the biggest factors that affect the timeline of selling your home: Location, House Condition, & Pricing
  • Pricing Tip 1: The problem with price reductions: When you do a price reduction, sometimes, people wait for the next one and you've already lost a big portion of the buyer pool.
  • Pricing Tip 2: If timing is important, have your house priced a little bit under the market.
  • Pricing Tip 3: The third pricing strategy is pricing at the market.

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