Episode 2

How to Find The Perfect Real Estate Agent

When it comes to selling your house, even finding a great real estate agent can be confusing: What if they aren’t skilled enough? What if they don’t communicate well? And most importantly, can you trust them? 

How do you ensure you’re choosing the right professional?

In this episode of the How To Sell A House podcast we explore easy + effective ways to go about finding the perfect real estate agent. Gathering lessons from years of experience, Loren, Chris, and Cassidy will let you know how to find the right real estate agent with 8 ridiculously simple yet actionable tips!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

8 tips for finding your perfect real estate agent:

1. Ask your friends and family for referrals. Dig up how the agent helped them in their home sale. How knowledgeable were they, were they easy to communicate with, and are you going to vibe? 

2. Check for their online reviews on Zillow, Google, and other places. Surely, not all reviews are legit, but they’ll help you get an idea.

3. Look them up on social media and connect with them personally to get to know them better. Understanding the person you’ll be working with for such an important job is essential.

4. Put on your detective hat: go out to open houses, and visit them on their turf. 

5. Look at their online marketing around the houses they sell: How do their pictures look? Do they present the houses well? The little details could be really important in understanding how seriously they take their job.

6. Ask them the right questions before deciding to work with them. This could include - What are they planning to do to sell your home? 

7. Sometimes, what you need isn’t just the best “price” for the house. Maybe you want the best terms. Make sure you can get what you want.

8. Don’t fill out random forms online or on websites looking for a real estate agent. Do your due diligence. This step is really important!

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