Episode 20

The Truth About Open Houses

What really is the point of an open house?

There are a few different styles and some right and wrong ways to do them. Should you just plan one because it’s the thing to do? Or should you have your agent strategically hold an open house that is properly marketed to help drive the max amount of potential buyers there?

What is it about open houses that help increase your chances of landing the most suitable buyer? What must you know about open houses? All of that planning, preparing, and strategizing with open houses is unfolded in today’s episode. Listen in now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Open houses are a great marketing strategy to get your home in front of more buyers.
  • The frenzy of open houses can create interesting situations. Use the opportunity to maximize your house’s accessibility to as many potential buyers as possible.
  • The downsides to doing a mega open house, include having uninvited guests, like some of your neighbors showing up.
  • Having a plan can help you make the best out of open-house showings
  • Make your home as presentable as possible before an open house.
  • Arrange your home showing more like a movie premiere. Get feedback and use it to build momentum.

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