Episode 4

What's Your House Worth? And How to Price it Right!

Ever heard of Comparative Market Analysis aka a CMA? It’s used to estimate how much your house should be priced after considering how much the houses around your neighborhood have been recently sold for.

In today's episode, you're going to learn about pricing your house based on comparative market analysis and how it's done. Cassidy, Chris, and Loren help you assess the value of your house by walking you through the complete process.

What you'll learn:

● Everything about CMA and how it can be used to determine the highest possible price for your house.

● Where to get the data points of neighborhood house sales from Zillow, redfin, realtor.com

● What determines the price of your house?

The neighborhood

The square footage

How your renovations appear to buyers

The plumbing, electrical, roofing, and flooring of your house

The location: proximity to schools, airports, and major daily travel places

Whether or not your house has a pool (sometimes it’s a negative!)

+ more!

Also, tune in to this episode to learn how to price your home right!

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